Various factors, including excessive use of shampoos, dyes, molded, using tweezers too often can cause your hair to show a ruffled appearance, dry and dull to the touch. To restore the hair’s natural moisture and prevent dryness, we recommend:
Choosing the right shampoo
You must use a very mild shampoo specifically for dry and weak hair. It is advisable to change from time to time to make (2-3 months) to avoid habituation to the assets of the hair.
Frequency of washing
Shampoo not only removes the dirt accumulated on hair, but also the oils that protect it. Therefore if you increase the frequency of washing your hair with shampoo then often it removes the natural oils from the hair and weakens it, showing dry and brittle. Dry hair does not need washing every day, do it when we really needed, usually every 2-3 days.
Using a specially modified conditioner
Using a conditioner is essential in a dry hair because it regenerates the hair cuticle, it moisturizes and conveniently avoids the dreaded static electricity, causing the frizz.
Conditioners should be specific to dry hair and punished, but if you prefer to use a natural moisturizer, bet on the mayonnaise, just apply it on the whole hair, cover with paper film and leaving at least 15 minutes. Then proceeds to clarify the hair and finally wash with shampoo.
Protect hair from sun and wind
The wind and sun dry your hair dramatically, protect them by using hats, caps … it’s a very feminine and trend.
Avoid the dryer and cleaning tips
Placing the hair too often the punishment of the dryer, curlers or tweezers, is a mistake, as heat helps to dry the hair. When using the dryer, adjust the temperature to keep it about 15 inches of hair and moving frequently to avoid remaining in the same area for too long.
It is advisable to cut the ends every 6-8 weeks.