Stretch marks, the silvery-white hue on the skin is caused by the tearing of the skin layer called dermis. It occurs due to sudden and rapid stretching of the skin that is associated with pregnancy and obesity.
It can also develop due to rapid muscle growth from vigorous exercise. Again, hereditary factors too have an association with stretch marks. Again, as stretch marks scars are also the blemishes on the skin, mainly caused by acne, boils or any injuries.
Here are some simple tips that would help reduce as well prevent stretch marks and scars.
Applying cocoa butter or shea butter soon after a warm bath in the affected area has much beneficial results. If the weight gain is due to pregnancy, it is advised for daily use to lessen its effects.
You want the stretch marks to get faded, apply castor oil. Again, mixture of olive oils with herbs will reduce skin blemishes and help you look beautiful and radiant once again without any scars or marks.
If you are worried with the acne and the scars on the face, waste no time but use Aloe Vera gel with lemon juice.
The best is the homemade paste with turmeric and milk or curd. Apply the paste, let it get dried up and then wash it well with water. This will help you skin look fairer than never before.
Last, ensure that your diet has a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxic substances.
Follow these simple tips and soon you will be amazed to see how beautiful one can look without any scars or marks.