One of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedure, performed by certified plastic surgeons. It helps to enhance the size and the definition of the buttock as well. There are many ways to perform this cosmetic surgery,

  • One thing is to butt implants, where the silicone is placed in the muscular part of your buttock for adding volume and fullness to the area.
  • The second one is the most popular method is a liposuction of the abdomen or some other part of the body with transfer the fat from the area and injection into the buttock. Often, it is referred to as Brazilian butt off.

Fat Transfer limitations of butt lift

The major limitation of fat transfer is if the person doesn’t have enough fat to transfer and another one is the surgeon’s experience. The surgery needs someone who has experience with this operation and also can manage patient’s expectations. Patient has to understand that the doctors going to get a dramatic outcome immediately, after the surgery.

Not all the fat stays for a few reasons,

All the fat can’t survive. So, the patient can lose the little number of their results after the surgery. Luckily, some expert surgeons can give more appropriate and long-term outcomes.

The fat is mixed with fluid which is used in liposuction. Like fluid gets absorbed by the body and then some of the volume of fat from the augmentation is lost.

Transfer limits regarding the fat

Some amount of fat that can be placed into the patient is limited by the amount of fat that they have to transfer into the patient’s buttock as well as the amount of the fat volume their buttock can accept. Not to overfill the buttock, because the too much pressure can be put on the transferred fat, it will die.

Alternative Techniques in butt augmentation

Excluding, fat and silicone implants, here some options available for butt augmentation. Fillers are commonly used for skin augmentation and also been used for buttock augmentation. It has major benefits of allowing this augmentation with a safe and FDA approved product without the downside of the implant. Particularly used for, if the patient doesn’t have enough fat for transfer.

The abundant unsafe injections have been offered for the buttock augmentation. For increasing the volume, there are many places that are offer buttock injections. Often, these are performed by unlicensed practitioners who put any unapproved products to increase the volume of the buttock.

The most commonly used injections such as caulk, industrial grade silicone, cement and more.

Recovery and downtime

Generally, the patients undertaking the fat transfer has a faster and better recovery time than those getting augmentation along with implants. Patients should stay off their buttock from two weeks to two months, which means they have to place a pillow below their thighs, while they sit down. Now, it is not sitting on the surface.

The butt lift procedure that can be performed safely and provide beautiful results, while performed by skilled and experienced surgeons. It is more important to follow the advice of an experienced plastic surgeon.