When a person contemplates the issues surrounding land filling they hardly take into consideration the damage caused by tons of food waste that gets deposited in that fill.
People think that food wastes are biodegradable, so they feel that throwing of food does not create any problem to our environment.
According to environmentalists food waste produces methane which is a greenhouse gas and is about 21 times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide. Methane is a very harmful gas which damages the Ozone layer and in turn increases the temperature of our planet and contributing towards Global Warming. So there must be some adequate steps taken for stopping food waste all around.
It’s true today that food is available in abundance today in the developed nations but like America many of the developed nations chucks out a lot of food as waste. Estimated figures suggest approximately 25% of the household purchase gets wasted and thrown away, which accounts to a quarter of the total expenditure households make for consumption of food. This figure is huge when compared to in monetary terms.
As per the U.N. World Food Programme this waste which is huge in number could be used in order to feed the other empty stomach in countries such as Africa.
According to a study conducted by University of Arizona a few years back, it suggested that around 50% of the total produce of America gets wasted. The study also shows that the country’s supermarkets or the restaurants alone contribute to a large chunk of the total food waste.
Therefore with these adverse effects mind people should come forward and do their bit in stopping food waste and the damage it is creating to the environment. Sodexco has initiated a campaign in order to curb food waste to an extent, so be a part with them and contribute by any means one can. Figures suggest that if the total food waste could be brought down by 50% then the effect which it is causing the environment could by reduced by around 25%.