5 Health Benefits Of Tamarind That You Should Know

health benefits of tamarind

Indonesian are accustomed to using tamarind for cooking spices. Various types of cuisine in the country use tamarind as a spice.  But did you know? The health benefits of Tamarind are also quite large and useful.  Not only to add a good taste to the cuisine, here are the benefits contained in it:

1. Tamarind Is Useful For Digestion

The sour taste in tamarind comes from potassium acid which works to improve the performance of the large intestine when it will excrete impurities.  Tamarind also has a lot of fiber content, making the stool pass through the large intestine smoothly.

One of the health benefits of Tamarind. You can add Javanese sugar to reduce the sour taste.  Drinking one glass per day can make your digestion smooth.

2. Improve Heart Performance

The second benefit can improve heart performance.  That is because tamarind can clean the flak found in the blood vessels to the heart.  Thus, the heart will pump blood more optimally.

That is why, for people who are accustomed to eating tamarind have a healthier heart.  But you should not use tamarind in a package that has been mixed with chemicals.  Use tamarind derived from natural ingredients.  Or tamarind in the form of the whole fruit.  So that you will get the benefits that are more leverage.

3. Lose Weight Easily

Indonesian women have always been accustomed to drinking tamarind herbs to maintain the ideal body weight.  Because one of the health benefits of tamarind is able to shed fat in the body, so the body becomes leaner.

The female dancers often use this herb to prevent weight gain.  That is why women who work as dancers use the tamarind herb to keep their bodies slim and tight.

4. Maintain Healthy Skin

Older parents, often drank tamarind herbs with turmeric to maintain healthy skin.  The skin will always be maintained health by drinking this concoction. Therefore, Indonesian women are famous for their olive skin.  Asian women’s skin beauty is very famous in the world.  Because Indonesian women take care of their skin’s health by drinking this mixture.

Because of these benefits, many herbal medicine producers in Indonesia produce herbs made from turmeric and tamarind, which highly believed to improve skin health. That is why Indonesian women are famous for their skin beauty. Especially, for those who regularly drink this tamarind and turmeric herb.

5. Increase Endurance

A weak immune system makes it prone to disease.  Therefore, the need for nutrition to maintain body power.  One of the health benefits of tamarind is being able to increase endurance.

Drinking tamarind every day can make your immune system increase.  Therefore, when the weather is uncertain so it is not susceptible to disease.  You should be diligent in consuming tamarind or drinking herbs made from these ingredients.

Those are some of the health benefits of tamarind.  Once you drink it you will get various health benefits.  Apart from a fresh sensation, because it tastes sour but slightly sweet, it is suitable for drinking in all situations.  Moreover, I will know the many benefits contained therein.  From now on, add the ingredients of tamarind drinks to your daily menu.  To get the above benefits.