How to avoid coronavirus

Main Keys On How To Avoid Coronavirus Based On The Science Fact

January come up with tons of bad news from almost all over the world. It started when America attack Iran and people around the world worried it will be World War 3. After that, the Australia forest in on fire for almost 2 weeks and make a lot of wild animals lost their home. But, it doesn’t stop on that, this world-shaking again when scientists found a new-virus, Coronavirus in Wuhan. It makes us wonder how to avoid coronavirus in the right way.

How to avoid coronavirus

Coronavirus caused illness and death and it has infected more than 4 thousand people. It seems terrible because this virus will show its effect up to 2-14 days after they enter our body. At first, they may have symptoms like usual flu. You will have some fever, cough, and also sneezing. But it can also cause Pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death in some cases. That’s why it is important to know how to avoid coronavirus. Here we go!

1. Wash Your Hand Periodically

The scientist estimate that the Coronavirus usually enters our body from contaminated hands. We will never know about the hygiene of our hands especially when we have touched some stuff before. Get used to wash your hand as often as possible to make it hygiene again. Wash your hand at least for 20 seconds with soap to make sure all the virus has died.

2. Avoid Touch Eyes, Nose, or Mouth

Coronavirus can be transmitted to our body from the air, saliva, or contact to the sufferers. That’s why wherever we touch is not safe anymore like before. Because we will never know the place that the virus potentially attacks us too. It is important not to touch the eyes, mouth, or nose with unwashed hands because Coronavirus can enter our body. It may look so simple but it is a little bit hard to do because sometimes we touched these parts accidentally.

3. Avoid Contact with Sufferer

The best way to avoid Coronavirus is by avoiding any contact with the sufferer even it is our family. It will be so easy because we just need to move into a clean and uninfected area. But sometimes we have some work to do or did not have enough money to leave the city. If it seems impossible for you, then just take a distance between you and the sufferer. You should keep the distance up to 4-10 meters to avoid the tainted air.

4. Use a Mask

The basic thing but still important to avoid Coronavirus is using a mask. You can use any kind of a mask but at least you use the surgical mask. The mask can protect your respiratory organ to prevent the virus to enter. It can make the air that we breathe in only conducted the fresh air. But still, remember to use the surgical mask only for once because it can be contaminated too.

So these are 4 easy ways on how to avoid Coronavirus from us. All these things maybe will not enough for you but it can prevent the Coronavirus to attack. Just be careful wherever you do because all kinds of viruses are waiting to attack us. Hope this article can help you and reduce your fear of the Coronavirus.