How to Avoid Double Chin

Daily Tips on How to Avoid Double Chin

Appearance is important not only for females but also for males as well. One of the things that people often do to have a great look is by dieting. However, even though they have successes in dieting, they still have an annoying thing, which is double chin. People could maintain on losing some weights from the body but not from their chin. Some people do not know how to avoid double chin.

Double chin is not only caused by overweight, but it is also because of genetic and aging effects. People could not remove the double chin in only one night. Furthermore, it would take some time to get rid of it. Removing the double chin is harder than removing the double packs on the hips. To help out, here are some daily tips on how to avoid double chin.

1. Chin Exercise with a Ball

Getting the chin to get exercise would help people to get rid of their double chin. Provide a ball with a size of about 9-10 inches. Put the ball under the chin. After that, press the chin down against the ball and raise it up. However, make sure that the ball does not fall down. Repeat these steps up to 25 times a day.

2. Stretch the Jaw Jut

Another way how to avoid double chin is by stretching the jaw jut. Pull the head back and look upwards to the ceiling. Make sure there is a feeling of stretch on the neck. After that stick the chin to the breast until it feels like something is wedging up under the neck. Repeat these 2 steps for every 10 counts. In the end, relax the jaw and the neck.

3. Doing some Tongue Stretch

Not only giving a stretch to through the jaw to remove a double chin. But people could also use tongue exercise. The first option is to look straight ahead with sticking the tongue outside as far as it could. And then, lift the tongue towards the nose and upward. Repeat the steps for every 10 seconds.

4. Healthy Diets

For those who are on diet but still have a double chin, then recheck the diet menu again. Being on a diet, must not only lose weight on the body but also on the chin. The best way how to avoid double chin is by eating vegetables and fruits every day. People should change their refined grain into whole grains. Moreover, eat healthy fats and low-fat dairy.

5. Cardio On

The right body exercise could also help people to replace the double chin. Going on daily cardio could not give a healthy body but also a great chin. Cardio would make the whole body, including the chin, to move. After finishing the cardio, do some cooling down for the whole body as well.

The steps on how to avoid double chin are simple and need to be done often. For those who wish to replace the double chin faster, could use a doctor’s treatment. However, it might cause some side effects to the body especially near the chin area.