How to Prevent Frostbite

How to Prevent Frostbite with Simple Ways

Living in a country that has cold weather means extra preparing for the cold to come. Cold weather doesn’t mean not going out of the house, but it means preparing extra clothes to go out. It is important that people wrap their selves nicely before going out. This is to prevent them from frostbite that can be dangerous. For those who don’t know frostbite is an injury that is usually caused by the freezing weather. Know ways on how to prevent frostbites before it comes worse.

Signs & Prevention of Frostbites

Frostbites occur because of the freezing temperature, so it usually occurs in very cold weather. Usually, the skin will first become very cold and then turn red. This may still seem normal but when your skin becomes numb and pale then this is the sign of frostbite. It is commonly seen or occur on skin that is not covered by fabrics. Even though this may seem not dangerous but if it is not treated soon it can damage the skin. Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent frostbite in simple ways. At least this can help from getting worse, so here are the ways:

1. Wrap Up

If you find the signs of frostbites in parts of the body, the first thing to do is wrap up. Close the skin and prevent it from the further cold. Ensure to make the skin warm so it doesn’t become numb and pale. This simple step is the fastest way people can prevent frostbites. This is also a reminder for people to always wrap up when they go out in freezing weather. Make sure to cover up all the skin to prevent frostbites in the future. 

2. Protect your Feet & Toes

One of the parts that usually get frostbites is the feet. Therefore, wear two pairs of socks and thick boots to warm up the feet. If this is still not enough, add some pair of wool on the bottom/top part of the sock. Make sure it still fits into the boot and doesn’t disturb your comfort.

3. Head Protection

How to prevent Frostbite from your head is by wearing a heavy wool hat and scarfs. Make sure to wear this when you go out on a freezing day. At least with a hat and scarf, your head will warm up and prevent you from getting cold air. 

4. No Snow Inside Clothing

After coming inside from cold weather, make sure your clothes are clean from the snow. This is important to prevent frostbite and cold the next time you come out. Therefore, before wearing your jacket to come out recheck your clothes. 

5. Medicines

If you have tried these steps and frostbite still occurs, then give ointment on it. Usually, just by giving this, the frostbites will get better. However, if after a week it doesn’t get better then see a doctor. It isn’t dangerous, but it can ruin the skin. 

These ways on how to prevent frostbite are very simple, so make sure to apply them. It is always easier and cheaper to prevent rather than having to cure it. However, if you already have frostbite it is best to cure it as soon as possible. Therefore, it doesn’t get worse and ruin other skin.