Tips For Preventing Colds And Flu With Natural Ways

tips for preventing colds and flu

The rainy season has come.  Flu and colds attack more this season.  Rainwater that continues to fall will cause various diseases.  But don’t worry, study this article for tips for preventing colds and flu. The following are:

1. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

The first from the list of tips for preventing colds and flu is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits contain lots of vitamin C to boost the immune system.  Because one way to prevent flu is to multiply to eat fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. It is also important to eat vegetables because vegetables contain lots of fiber to absorb various nutrients from food.

The body needs lots of vitamins and minerals, which fruit and vegetables contain it.  This substance is an important substance that is useful for preventing disease.

2. Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is one way to prevent the flu.  That is why if the flu and cough are already attacked, the doctor often gives flu and cough medicines that can cause drowsiness.  This shows that the flu requires a lot of rest.

A body that is exhausted from lack of rest becomes an easy target for the disease to alight and settle.  Therefore, keeping the body in good shape will make the body stay healthy, namely by getting enough sleep and trying to take a nap.

3. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise at least once a week can boost the immune system so it is not easy to get the flu. Therefore, you must time in the middle of being busy to always exercise. Exercising can be physically healthy and get rid of toxins through sweat.

Exercise does not have to be expensive and come to the gym.  You can do sports at home in a cheap way such as running around the housing complex or join gymnastics at car-free day events on Sunday mornings.

4. Take Multivitamins

Multivitamins do not have to be from a doctor’s prescription.  You can make your multivitamin yourself the natural way.  Making lemon tea is one way to make a multivitamin naturally.  Lemon containing vitamin C can work to prevent colds and coughs.

Natural multivitamins are easy to get around us.  You can use honey and herbs to make it.  This natural method has been carried out for generations and is effective as a natural multivitamin to prevent colds and coughs.

5. Drink Plenty of Mineral Water

The last final tip to preventing colds and flu is to drink plenty of mineral water. Mineral water can help absorb vitamin C in the body.  Thus, you can prevent flu and cough with enough vitamin C in the body. Therefore, one way to prevent colds is to increase drinking water.

The body needs mineral water which contains minerals that useful.  You can do this way to prevent colds and cough.  This is a fairly easy and inexpensive natural way to do it. Thus, preventing the flu does not have to always use drugs – the doctor.  The natural way is easier to do, despite the cheap price

Those are some tips for preventing Colds and flu. Flu and cough are common, although not dangerous, this disease often interferes with activities.  Therefore, it is better from the beginning to prevent it.  You can use natural methods that are reasonably priced.